Evaluating Critical Topics in VEIV

If the cohort is not large enough to run the Group Project the following Individual Research Module will be taken instead; COMPGR04: Evaluating Critical Topics in VEIV

This module introduces methods of research with graphics and visualisation systems via small research projects or literature reviews. These are intended to develop initial research questions, which may be developed further in the MRes individual research project. The same work may not be submitted for marking in both the individual research module and the main MRes thesis, but the latter can utilise the earlier work if appropriately annotated.

There are no specific lecture, seminar and studio components for these modules, but the student may attend related modules to gain specific background knowledge and a forum for discussion with other students. 

The work is assessed as a short research project.  Students and supervisors can gauge the extent and depth of the work required by considering that the main MRes thesis is worth 30 credits. Further guidance can be found by referring to the marking scheme.