VEIV Events

VECG Seminar: Dr Bryan Russell

Video Recognition at Adobe

Dr Bryan Russell, Research scientist, Adobe Research, Creative Technologies Lab

13th December 2016  

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VEIV Seminar: Dr Abhijeet Ghosh

Computational Imaging for Appearance Modelling

Dr Abhijeet Ghosh, Department of Computing at Imperial College London

22nd November 2016 

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VEIV Seminar: Stephen R. Ellis

Nature, Origins and Uses of Virtual Environments: Precursors, Refinements, and Scientific Applications

Stephen R. Ellis, NASA Ames Research Center (Ret.), Moffett Field CA

11th October 2016

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VR Seminar: Prof Nils Thuerey

Data-driven Fluid Simulation

Prof. Nils Thuerey, Assistant Professor, TU Munich

30th September 2016 

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VR Seminar: Prof Peter Wonka

Integer Programming for Layout Problems

Prof. Peter Wonka, Associate Director of the Visual Computing center (VCC) at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

27th September 2016 

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