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    Industrial, commercial or non-profit organizations may sponsor of one or more research engineers to join either MSc/PhD (4 years), PhD (3 years), MRes/EngD (4 years) or Modular EngD (years). There are four modes of sponsorship depending on the relationship between the Research Engineer (RE) and the company, the proposed schedule of research, and the nationality of the student.

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    The aim of the centre is to train students so that they can be future leaders in innovative research and development. Research is thus done in collaboration with a sponsoring company, on a topic of common interest.

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Studentship CASE award

This mode is designed for graduates newly recruited into the doctorate scheme by the University and the sponsoring company. The research engineer will, if eligible, receive a maintenance grant, supplemented by a top-up from the sponsoring company. The outline costs are (revised for 2013-2014):

  • Award (via UCL) pays the Research Engineer (tax free) approx. £15-16k per annum
  • Sponsor contributes approx £10,000 each year of the overall project costs

These costs are negotiable and are dependent on IPR terms, sponsor type and size (e.g. charity or SME versus large corporation) and likely need to access department facilities. It is intended that this mode that of participation should be attractive to small companies and businesses.



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Employee Sponsorship

This mode is also designed for the participation of company employees in the scheme. All costs are met by the company as follows (revised 2013-2014):

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Within an EngD project, the main intellectual property is, of course, generated by the Research Engineer (RE). However the research will draw upon existing labs' work and facilities, the expertise of the supervisor, and the resources of the sponsoring organisation.

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The EngD programme is a low-cost and effective way of engaging with academic research or broadening an existing relationship. EngD students are highly motivated and our experience is that they outperform students on other programmes. They are also receive a broad range of training and have access to excellent facilities.

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UCL has excellent research facilities that the REs can access.

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