Most places on the EngD VEIV programme are funded through EPSRC awards, and most are in collaboration with an industrial sponsor. In the main, applicants must be UK nationals, or EU citizens with either Migrant Worker status at the time of their application, or three years' residency in the UK. For further information about funding and sponsorship, refer to the page on EngD Modes and Costs.

The minimum academic qualification needed to enter the EngD programme is an upper second class honours degree (2.i) from a UK university or an equivalent class of degree from an overseas university. A lower formal academic qualification may be acceptable if the applicant has a relevant postgraduate qualification or significant industrial experience. The degree may be in any relevant subject, e.g. computer science, or in a science, engineering or a creative discipline with significant computer science content.

Funding options for international applicants

In September 2011 the EngD Centre may offer a place each to two outstanding international candidates. 

International Student 1 (scholarship funding)
One place will be offered under a co-funded scholarship mode.
Co-funding may be secured through one of three options:

1. The applicant secures funding for postgraduate study in the form of a scholarship or studentship. For example, the UCL Graduate School produces a booklet on Sources of Funding for Graduate Students available on the UCL website.

2.The applicant secures an ORS Award or the UCL Graduate School Award. Please refer to the UCL Scholarship Page. Scholarship applicants wishing to be considered for September 2012 entry must submit completed applications to the EngD Centre Manager no later than 31st January 2012.

3. The applicant secures an industry sponsor, who would normally contribute
~£38,000 (over four years) to the cost of the programme. It is preferable that the industrial sponsor has an office in the UK. 

International Student 2 (Doctoral Training Grant)
The applicant secures an Doctoral Training Grant award through open competition. The applicant must have an outstanding academic record, preferably with at least one significant publication and relevant industrial experience. To be considered for this award please contact the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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How to apply

Applicants can either apply for an existing vacancy, or apply on an open basis with industrial sponsorship already arranged. Apply now via UCL Engineering's Prism system.

Important notes: EngD applications for Bartlett and Energy Institute projects must apply via the Bartlett School of Graduate Studies. Feedback on unsuccessful applications is not normally provided. 

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