UCL Chorley Institute

The UCL Chorley Institute, led by Dr Muki Haklay, offers support for research across UCL in the area of computer visualisation and modelling, and the resources that are available through it are accessible, at no additional costs to VEIV REs. These include hardware, software and datasets.

In hardware, the institute provides access to a 3D colour laser scanner provided by Arius3D (~£0.5M) which is the only on of its kind in England, and a portable laser scanner that can be used accurately to depict objects up to room size. It also holds mobile eye trackers that can be used for a wide range of visualisation experiments. It provides access to MatLab with image processing and mapping extensions and other software tools that can be used by VEIV REs including Manifold GIS and ENVI/IDL. Finally, the datasets include a complete high-resolution aerial coverage of London and 3D information for London. An extension, planned by the Vice-Provost (Research) will link the Institute to UCL’s High Performance Computing facilities, including the £4M, 42 TeraFlop ‘Legion’ facility.