James Hennessey

James Hennessey Headshot

James is an EngD student at University College London where he is advised by Prof. Niloy Mitra in the Smart Geometry group. His research interests are broadly in the areas of computer graphics, human-computer interaction and computer vision.

Over the last forty years there have been impressive advances in computer graphics that have had significant impact on the creative industries, however, authoring and editing digital imagery is still challenging. James' research focuses on creating the next generation of tools that make it easier to artists to realise their ideas. A common theme in his work is incorporating visual scene understanding into authoring tools (e.g. relationships between object geometry, light sources and visual appearance), as higher level understating of what is being created can help simplify the authoring process. During his EngD James was fortunate to spend two summers as an intern at Adobe Research in the Creative Technologies Lab.

Previously James was an MSc Computer Science student at UCL, where he was awarded the Peter Williams Prize for graduating top of his class. He also holds a BA from the University of Leeds.


Journal papers

Hennessey, J. W. & Mitra, N. J. (2015), 'An Image Degradation Model for Depth-augmented Image Editing.', Comput. Graph. Forum 34 (5), 191-199.

Primary Supervisor: Niloy Mitra

Computer Graphics | Imaging | HCI | Computer Vision