Jake Rigby

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I am a doctoral student based in the UCL Interaction Centre (UCLIC), funded through the VEIV centre. I began my studies at UCL in October 2014.

My research is in the area of film and television, specifically looking at how emergent viewing practices motivated by mobile devices affect the way people consume video media. I am focusing on the ways in which disruptive mobile technologies have an effect on the viewing experience, specifically in terms of the immersion people feel. This includes concurrent device usage and TV watching (“media multitasking”) and the interruptions and distractions that arise from this, as well as how on-demand video is driving the move away from live broadcast TV in the living room towards anytime, anywhere content consumption, often on relatively small screens.

My general research interests are in the areas of media multitasking, interruptions and multitasking in leisure contexts, mobile devices, and experience measurement.

Prior to my time at UCL I completed a BSc at Durham University. Following this I completed an MSc by research, also at Durham, in the area of augmented reality for cultural heritage applications.


Conference papers

Watching movies on netflix: investigating the effect of screen size on viewer immersion, Jacob Rigby, Duncan Brumby, Anna Cox, Sandy Gould. Proceeding; MobileHCI '16 Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services Adjunct, Pages 714-721. Florence, Italy, September 06 - 09, 2016

Primary Supervisor: Duncan Brumby

Industry Sponsor: BBC R&D

Media Multitasking | Interruptions | Immersion | Film | Television