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Awarded VEIV EngD

By developing digital modelling tools for specific case studies, the exercise will look for conflicts and efficiencies of the modelling process when contextualized in a multidisciplinary environment. This will inform a second stage, which will investigate methods to preserve and trade design assets generate by the different parties organising a B.I.M from the initial architectural conceptualization through all phases of a construction project. The geometrical modelling techniques to be develop will also explore the significance of intelligent systems as a constituent of the building representations and their applicability as an optimization tool for design co-ordination in the virtual collaborative work environment.

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George Roussos, Abel Maciel, James Tompkin and Jennifer G. Sheridan; 2009; DIY Design Process for Interactive Surfaces; Proceedings of 23rd Conference on Human Computer Interaction, pages 485-493, Cambridge, UK, 2009


Primary Supervisor: Alan Penn

Industry Sponsor: 3DReid

Dynamic Environments | Architectural Geometric Modelling