VEIV projects advance the science and engineering of computational capture, rendering and simulation in a diverse range of applications. Explore the links below to find out more.

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Research at the VEIV Centre can be split into three main themes;

Sense: Sensors, Detectors and Tracking

Technology advances allow us to continuously monitor our environment, to amass and test data, and to use this data to produce a meaningful picture of our complex world. The VEIV Centre has contributed towards advances in object tracking, image recognition and the latest sensor and detector technologies.

Show: 3D, Modelling and Visualisation

Computational photography, advanced display systems and immersive virtual reality reveal to us a life-like picture of real and imagined worlds. The VEIV Centre has contributed towards technology advances in data visualisation, including 3D medical scanning, geographic systems and visual modelling of complex forms.

Interact: Interfaces, Gaming and Social

Computing technologies are now enmeshed in the fabric of our environments. They take readings of our activities, send us signals, keep is engaged and entertained, and point us in the right direction. Interaction has reached a level of ubiquity that we barely notice. The VEIV Centre has played a pivotal role in developing the latest multimedia and research on virtual environments, interactive interfaces and cutting-edge real-time gaming technologies.