Yair Schwartz

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Yair worked as an Architect before joining the UCL Centre for Virtual Environments, Interaction and Visualisation, and is now working on a research project entitled ‘Creative Reuse: The Life Cycle Carbon Footprint and Life Cycle Cost of Refurbished and New Buildings.

Yair believes that robust building performance predication methods are paramount for mitigating the environmental impact of the build environment. His research focuses on the optimisation of building design, and uses the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) framework for calculating the impact of operational and embodied energy in buildings. Yair is aiming to develop a user friendly and scientifically robust tool which would enable professionals to easily compare the Life Cycle Carbon Footprint (LCCF) of new and existing buildings.

using a variety of tools and skills from various disciplines, Yair`s research interests include: Genetic Algorithms optimisation, computational generative design, sustainable design and building performance, as well as bridging the communication gap between different professionals.

With a background in Architecture, Yair gained an M.Sc. in Environmental Design and Engineering (distinction) and an M.Res. in Adaptive Architecture and Computation (with distinction), both at the Bartlett School of Graduate Studies. His work has won various prizes and got published and presented in academic journals and conferences.


Marincioni, V. and Schwartz Y.; Identifying a Suitable Climate File for the Moisture Risk Assessment of Internally Insulated Walls Exposed to Solar-Driven Vapour Diffusion. Building Simulation (August 2017).

Accepted Abstract: Integrated Building Performance Optimisation: Coupling Parametric Thermal Simulation and Generative Spatial Design Programming. Accepted abstract in: International Building Performance Simulation Association, 2017

Y. Schwartz., S., Eleftheriadis., R. Raslan., D. Mumovic. 2016.  Semantically Enriched BIM Life Cycle Assessment to Enhance Buildings’ Environmental Performance. Published in: Proceedings of the CIBSE Technical Symposium. Edinburgh, UK

Y. Schwartz., R. Raslan., D. Mumovic. 2016. Implementing multi objective genetic algorithm for life cycle carbon footprint and life cycle cost minimisation: A building refurbishment case study. Energy 97, 58-68.

Y. Schwartz., R. Raslan., D. Mumovic. 2015. Multi-objective genetic algorithms for the minimisation of the life cycle carbon footprint and life cycle cost of the refurbishment of a residential complex's envelope: a case study. Published in: Proceedings of the Symposium on Simulation for Architecture & Urban Design, pages 189-196.


Primary Supervisor: Dejan Mumovic

Industry Sponsor: Hawkins\Brown

Generative Design | Optimisation | Life Cycle Analysis | Life Cycle Carbon Footprint | Building Performance