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Stathis holds a diploma of civil and environmental engineering and master degrees in sustainability and computational engineering. As part of his engineering doctorate he examines computational methods that assist decision-makers understand the relationships between engineering and managerial sustainable multi-performance indexes by combining the capabilities of intelligent decision-making tools, quality functions and optimisation algorithms.

As a researcher he has presented in international conferences, symposiums and published in scientific journals. He has previously worked as a project engineer and sustainability consultant for more than 5 years. He has also held several managerial positions in entrepreneurial and leadership ventures within UCL and beyond. He is a STEM ambassador and a mentor. Interested in cleantech startups and sustainable innovation.


S. Eleftheriadis, P. Duffour, P. Greening, J. James, D. Mumovic; Multilevel Computational Model for Cost and Carbon Optimisation of Reinforced Concrete Floor Systems. Presented at the 34th International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction (ISARC 2017).

S. Eleftheriadis, C. Dunant, M. Drewniok and W. Rogers-Tizard. A computational paradigm for the optimisation of steel building structures based on cost and carbon indexes in early design stages. In Proceedings: 24th International Workshop on Intelligent Computing in Engineering (EG-ICE 2017).

Eleftheriadis S, Mumovic D, Greening P. Life cycle energy efficiency in building structures: A review of current developments and future outlooks based on BIM capabilities. Renew Sustain Energy Rev 2017;67:811-825

Schwartz Y, Eleftheriadis S, Raslan R, and Mumovic D. Semantically enriched BIM Life Cycle Assessment to enhance Buildings' Environmental Performance. Proceedings of the CIBSE Technical Symposium. Edinburgh, UK; 2016

Eleftheriadis S, Mumovic D, Duffour P, and Greening P. Multi-performance optimisation framework for the selection of structural alternatives based on sustainable qualities. Proceedings of the SEMC. Cape Town, South Africa; 2016

Eleftheriadis S, Mumovic D, Greening P, and Chronis A. BIM Enabled Optimisation Framework for Environmentally Responsible and Structurally Efficient Design Systems. Proceedings of the ISARC. Oulu, Finland; 2015.

Eleftheriadis S, Mumovic D and Greening P.  Augmented BIM based taxonomy for steel design systems: An integrated evolutionary computational approach. Proceedings of the 17th Young Researchers' Conference, The Institution of Structural Engineers, London, UK; 2015.

Primary Supervisor: Dejan Mumovic

Indystry Sponsor: Price & Myers

Structural optimisation | Building information models | Life cycle performance | Multi-criteria decision making

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