Passive Autonomic Computing With 'Heat-Motors' And Their Compounds


The heat-motor is a simple device that converts thermal-to-mechanical energy, individual heat-motors may be considered as inputs to a ‘class of machine’ that can perform simple Boolean logic operands. This research explores some of the properties of this ‘class of machine’ and an application that uses multiple heatmotors. The high mechanical actuation energy that is generated by the heat-motor is inherted by this ‘class of machine’ and suggests the possibilities for an architecture of reconfiguration in response to different external thermal conditions. The possibility of conditional response to the thermal environment is explored through a case-study project

Title: Passive Autonomic Computing With 'Heat-Motors' And Their Compounds

Author: Christopher Leung

Publication: PhD symposium at CITA Copenhagen Denmark | full text (scribd)

Year: 2010

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Tags: autonomic computing case-study Christopher Leung heat motors transduction