Jozef Dobos

Awarded VEIV EngD

JozefDobos Headshot smallUnder the supervision of Prof. Anthony Steed and in cooperation with Arup, I am looking into large scale distribution of real-time 3D architectural geometry and network streaming while investigating the ad-hoc visibility and various culling methods trying to improve on the performance limiting the network bandwidth requirements.

Primary Supervisor: Anthony Steed

Industry Sponsor: Arup

Dynamic Environments | Real-time Architectural Geometry

Maciej Gryka

Awarded VEIV EngD

MaciejGryka Headshot smallI work on Structure Sensitive Inpainting under the supervision of Dr Gabriel Brostow and in collaboration with Anthropics Technology Ltd.

Primary Supervisor: Gabe Brostow

Industry Sponsor: Anthropics

Research Area: Goes here