DIY Design Process for Interactive Surfaces

Interactive tables come in many shapes and forms and are created for different interaction styles and concepts. Many examples of interactive tables exist and recently, commercially available interactive tabletops have been introduced to the consumer, such as the Microsoft Surface, Philips Entertaible and NUI. However, discussion about how these tables were designed has not been adequately disseminated. In fact, little has been reported in the literature about the different design decisions and trade-offs that are made when constructing interactive tables despite the fact that such decisions can have a profound impact on a successful outcome.

Author: George Roussos
Author: Abel Maciel
Author: James Tompkin
Author: Jennifer G. Sheridan

Publication: Proceedings of 23rd Conference on Human Computer Interaction, pages 485-493, Cambridge, UK, 2009 | full text (PDF)

Year: 2009