Preliminary Investigation of Web GIS Trust: The Example of the “WIYBY” Website

Public access to environmental information is now a common requirement by national, international and European Union legislation. It is widely recognized that web-based GIS can enhance access to environmental information and can support public participation in environmental decision-making. Yet when these systems are used by non-experts might be challenging because of the GIS complexity. Considerations about data accuracy and errors during the analysis further increase the elements of risk, complexity and uncertainty, which are preconditions of trust. Many lay users are partially aware of the technicalities related to spatial data handling.

Author: Tao Cheng
Author: Muki Haklay
Author: Artemis Skarlatidou

Publication: Proceedings of Joint International Conference on Theory, Data Handling and Modelling in GeoSpatial Information Science, Hong Kong. | full text (PDF)

Year: 2010