Modularity and Flexibility At The Small Scale: Evolving Continuous Material Variation with Stereolithography

In this paper, we introduce a technique by which the internal material properties of an object can be optimised at a microstructural level (5x10-5m) to counteract the forces that are applied to it. These can then be fabricated using the rapid prototyping method of stereolithography. The proposed technique is analogous to principles of mass customization and takes advantage of a flexible module to create complex structures in a manner that is computationally efficient and effective.

Author: Sean Hanna
Author: Mahdavi S. Haroun
Author:Mahdavi S. Haroun

Publication: Proceedings of the 23rd annual conference of the Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture and the 2004 conference of the AIA Technology in Architectural Practice Knowledge Community | full text (PDF)

Year: 2004

Prof Jan Kautz

Jan Kautz1

Jan Kautz lectures in the Virtual Environments and Computer Graphics at University College London where he oversees research into computer graphics. Jan has made a number of important contributions to the verisimilitude of virtual environments, making advances in the territory of uncanny valley. One area in which he has made advances is the rendering of realistic objects under general lighting.

Title: Professor in Virtual Environments and Computer Graphics in the Department of Computer Science

Dept: Department of Computer Science

Responsive Material, Responsive Structure

Visionary designers and fiction writers speculate today about a future environment of nanotechnology and 'smart dust', able to create its form in response to external factors, or with an apparent will of its own. Although the manipulation of individual molecules on such a scale is still firmly in the realm of science fiction, this talk presents current research that makes this a reality at the millimetre, rather than the nanometre scale.

Author: Sean Hanna

Publication: Beesley P, Hirosue S, Ruxton J, Turner C and Trankle M (eds) Responsive Architectures: Subtle Technologies 2006, Riverside Architectural Press. ISBN: 0-9780978-0-7

Year: 2006