OpenStreetMap: User-Generated Street Maps

Technological changes over the past 10 years, in combination with increased bandwidth and the ability to provide better tools for collaboration, have led to “crowdsourcing”—a term developed from the concept of outsourcing in which business operations are transferred to remote, many times cheaper locations. Similarly, crowdsourcing is how large groups of users can perform functions that are either difficult to automate or expensive to implement.

Author: Patrick Weber
Author: Mordechai Muki Haklay

Publication: IEEE Pervasive Computing, October-December 2008, Pages 12-18, ISSN: 1536-1268 | full text (PDF)

Year: 2008

Undersound: Music And Mobility Under the City

For researchers in ubiquitous computing there is a growing concern in understanding how innovative technologies might reflect and enhance current social practices of mobility and the personal and collective relationships we begin to build with and within the spaces we move through every day. In this paper we present a design sketch for an example of such a technology. Currently a work-in-progress in its conceptual stage, undersound is an application drawing on prior research, to support music sharing and distribution within the London Underground.

Author: Arianna Bassoli
Author: Johanna Brewer
Author: Karen Martin

Publication: Poster at the 8th International Conference of Ubiquitous Computing | full text (PDF)

Year: 2006