VEIV Seminar: Dr Abhijeet Ghosh

Computational Imaging for Appearance Modelling

Dr Abhijeet Ghosh, Department of Computing at Imperial College London

22nd November 2016


In this talk, I will present two recent projects on computational imaging for appearance modelling, spanning both geometric and wave optics effects. I will first present a technique for single-shot reflectance separation using polarized light field imaging and demonstrate its application for separation of layered facial reflectance including separation of single and multiple scattering in skin. The second part of the talk will focus on a recent project on measurement based modelling of diffraction effects in surface reflectance. Diffraction is the result of complex wave interference of light in the underlying surface microstructure (also called a grating), and I will present practical photography based techniques for modelling such iridescence effects in surface reflection that are well suited for real-time rendering.


Abhijeet Ghosh is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computing at Imperial College London, where he currently holds a Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award and an EPSRC Early Career Fellowship. He leads the Realistic Graphics and Imaging group at Imperial and his current research interests include appearance modelling and computational photography/illumination for graphics and vision. Previously, he was a Research Assistant Professor at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies where he worked on Light Stage based facial and appearance acquisition. Abhijeet completed his PhD in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia is 2007. His doctoral dissertation received the 2008 Alain Fournier award for the best Canadian PhD thesis in computer graphics.