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"Beau Lotto attempts to understand the visual brain as a system defined, not by its essential properties, but by its past ecological interactions with the world. In this view, the brain evolved to see what proved useful to see, to continually redefine normality." British Science Association Beau Lotto is founder of Lottolab, a hybrid art studio and science lab. The research he oversees addresses the question of vision at multiple levels, form human psychophysics and fMRI to bee visual behavior and physiology to natural and virtual visual ecology to the evolution of complex Artificial-Life networks, which together encompass the questions of what we see, how we see it and why. In addition to peer reviewed scientific research the work done by Beau Lotto at the Lotto Lab places strong emphasis upon the communication of the lab's research findings and thus a number of art science collaborations have emerged from the lotto lab "The point of all our work (both scientific and otherwise) is to better understand and explore the notion that the mind is not an outside observer of nature defined by its essential properties, but is instead defined by its physical, social and cultural ecology. " Beau Lotto

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Title: Position Reader in Neurobiology at the Institute of Ophthalmology

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URL Personal: http://www.lottolab.org/