Prof Tadj Oreszczyn

Tadj Oreszczyn1

Tadj has over 28 years of energy research experience focused within the area of energy and buildings. Before becoming Professor of Energy and Environment Tadj was Director of the Energy Design Advice Scheme; a government funded initiative, which provided free energy advice to building professionals during the design and refurbishment of buildings. The scheme advised on over 1,200 building projects and identified more than £15 million per year in energy savings. Prior to joining the Bartlett he worked as a Senior Energy Consultant for Energy Conscious Design and a Higher Scientific Officer for the National Institute for Agricultural Engineering. His current research interests include energy efficiency, indoor air quality and building related health problems. He has been involved in 76 research publications since 2001 attracting media coverage and resulting in changes to the Building Regulations. He currently directs an EPSRC funded research platform entitled the Complex Built Environment Systems Group. Tadj is research director for the (£3m) EPSRC/Carbon Trust funded project Carbon Reduction in Buildings (CaRB). He was invited to give evidence to the House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee on Energy Efficiency, co-author a paper for the special issue of the Lancet on Energy and Health and prepared three papers for a State of Science Review for the Office of Science and Innovation.

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Title: Professor of Engineering and Environment

Group:UCL Energy Institute

Dept: Bartlett School Env, Energy & Resources

Research Area: energy and building research,  performance gap between theory and practice, unintended consequences of building energy efficiency

Tags: agricultural engineering air quality built environments energy efficiency environmental feedback health solar energy