Dr Peter J. Bentley

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In addition to being the Department of Computer Science's Honorary Reader, Dr. Peter J. Bentley's academic activities encompass responsibilities as collaborating professor at the KAIST Department of Brain & Bio Engineering and duties as a contributing editor to WIRED UK

Peter's research interests focus heavily upon the computational processes of biomimetic systems encompassing artificial immune systems, evolutionary algorithms and swarming systems. Peter has applied these methods to diverse domains including design, novel robotics, nanotechnology, fraud detection, mobile wireless devices, security,and art and music composition. Forays into the latter area have produced work's such as the "Fugue" art:science collaboration which orchestrated an immersive audio visual artwork from the workings of an artifical immune system.

Dr. Bentley is also involved with the development of iPhone apps, and his iStethoscope app(pictured at top of article) attracted international attention. His personal blog catalogues the entire spectrum of his endeavours and includes details of his printed volumes, including 'The Undercover Scientist' a widely translated exploration of the scientific underpinnings of everyday life.

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Title: Honorary Reader, Department of Computer Science

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URL Personal: peterjbentley.com/

Tags: control nanotechnology complex systems app art artificial immune systems control systems evolutionary algorithms fraud detection Fugue iPhone mobile wireless devices music composition novel robotics security swarming systems