Prof Marek Ziebart

Space Geodesy - this is the science and engineering of using satellites in orbit around planets to measure dynamic characteristics, such as the gravity field, sea level and ice cap variations, as well as plate tectonics. In 2007, GPS World named him as one of the 50 Leaders to Watch for his contributions to the global navigation and positioning industry. He holds a PhD in Satellite Geodesy and Astrodynamics, and is a member of the NASA/CNES Ocean Surface Topography Science Working Team. He is a contributor to news items and documentaries on BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 4 (Today programme), BBC Radio 5live, BBC News 24 and the World Service. He has carried out numerous consultancies and research contracts, including for the UK Hydrographic Office, the European Space Agency, Tritech Rail, NASA, US Air Force, QinetiQ, and Ordnance Survey. The UCL ,,Space Geodesy and Navigation Laboratory has 15 members: ,,3 academics, 3 PDRAs and ,,9 PhD students.

Current and recently completed research projects iNsight: Innovative Navigation using new GNSS SIGnals with Hybridised Technologies, EPSRC funded, joint with Imperial College, University of Nottingham and University of Westminster National Centre for Earth Observation (NERC), Theme 6: Dynamic Earth and Geohazards (joint with Earth Sciences at Oxford, Cambridge, Leeds and Reading. Feasibility Study for a Reduced Planetary Navigation and Communications System: designing a navigation and communications system for manned and robotic missions to both Mars and the Moon in the timeframe 2020 to 2040, European Space Agency contract, joint with British Aerospace and University of Leicester Reducing the Impact of Orbit Error on the Measurement of Polar Ice Thickness and Sea Level Variations, NERC Vertical Offshore Reference Frame. With John Iliffe, funded by the UKHO Towards centimeter level mobile real-time kinematic GNSS positioning in the urban environment (EPSRC/Ordnance Survey) Long Term Prediction of GNSS Spacecraft Orbits for Integration with Chipset Location (EPSRC/NXP Semi-conductors)

VEIV Students

Title: Professor of Space Geodesy

Group: Satellite Geodesy and Navigation (SGNL)

Dept: Dept of Civil, Environ & Geomatic Eng

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