Nishesh Jain

Nishesh Jain Headshot small

I have a keen interest in sustainable development and the impact of buildings on the environment and the climate. I believe having buildings that provide comfortable and healthy indoor environment while simultaneously decreasing the energy used by it and its environmental impact. My research interests revolve around reducing the energy and environmental performance gap in building mainly through improved building assessment tools and post occupancy performance validation of low energy buildings.

As a qualified architect with masters in environmental design, I possess a strong background in all areas of design and construction of sustainable buildings in order to achieve social and environmental sustainability. I am also technically trained in building physics, energy modelling of buildings and working with renewable energy technology. Beyond academia, I also work as a certified consultant and a certified trainer within the sustainable low-carbon low-energy building industry.

Primary Supervisor: Prof Dejan Mumovic

Building Energy Use | Indoor Environmental Quality Performance Assessment Tools | Calibration | Performance Gap