Melinos Averkiou


Collections of 3D models are becoming increasingly prominent, with sites such as Google Warehouse and Turbo Squid offering hundreds of thousands of models to the public. While these collections can help accelerate the pipeline of building a 3D game or a virtual world, the collections can be daunting to use with available tools. Our goal is to make the task of 3D modelling using these publicly available collections easier for everyone. The main challenges are to efficiently search the collections for relevant 3D models and to enable the use of these models or their parts for modelling tasks with little manual manipulation.

The problem of efficiently searching a collection of 3D shapes generates other questions such as how to assess the similarity of objects in order to retrieve relevant results or how to intelligently learn the user’s preferences according to his previous actions. The problem of bringing the models into a state where they can be used easily raises other topics such as how to bring objects to the same pose so they can be evaluated by the user, or how can the actual quality of the models be assessed. Our contribution will be to give answers to such questions and other relevant problems in this area.

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Sponsor Name: Analysis and Manipulations of 3D Model Collections

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