Understanding the outsourcing of facilities management services in Uganda

Purpose:This study is aimed at analysing the current procurement practice of facilities management services in Uganda, from which the growth of facilities management in Uganda may be projected.

Design/methodology/approach: Survey questionnaires were carried out, along with self‐administered surveys.

Findings: It was discovered that although some organisations insource a number of facilities management services, the majority is outsourced. The analysis showed that the most popularly outsourced services are security and catering. The most common driver for outsourcing was the necessity to gain quality services from another organisation's expertise. For the organisations that procure services in‐house, the most common motivation to do so was the desire to control the service quality and response time.

Originality/value: One of the key conclusions drawn is that the facilities management industry in Uganda – though not officially recognised – exists in a capacity separate to property management. It is a field that shows steady growth in line with the economy.

Title: Understanding the outsourcing of facilities management services in Uganda

Authors: Cathy M. Natukunda, Michael PittAmir Nabil

Publication: Journal of Corporate Real Estate, Vol. 15 Iss: 2, pp.150 - 158 | view article

Year: 2013