Antony Brewer

Awarded VEIV MSc

My current sponsor is Electronic Arts, and I am based in their Chertesey Development studio. The company is involved in all stages of computer game production, sales and marketing, and I am closely integrated into the development’s "core technology" group. We are currently working on the new "Harry Potter: Goblet Of Fire" game, which is due to be released in winter ’05.

Project Abstract

My project is to explore and test the effects that using "intelligent" virtual cameras within games can have on games players. Based on task performance, visual coherence, as well as visual aesthetic values, the implementation of player-affecting behaviours of the camera aim to take into consideration not only features of the environment within which the games occurs, but also the individual behaviours and preferences of the game players. How the cameras’ behaviours can be designed and controlled by the game developers is also an active research area which will greatly benefit the my sponsors current and future projects.

Group Project

As part of a team formed to undertake our Engineering doctorate group project in spring – summer 2004, we are currently exploring the possibility of expanding our initial mobile, location based gaming project into a business venture, aimed at the mobile phone market, with interest already being shown by outside investors.



To date, All publications have been internal to EA, and as such are not viewable in the public domain.

Primary Supervisor: Anthony Steed

Sponsor Name: Electronic Arts

Intelligent camera control