Ben Tagger

Awarded VEIV EngD

Experimentalists in the biological sciences often query biological databases over the web for a molecule's information. In contrast, computational biologists use the whole of biological datasets for datamining and test statistical associations within specific biological paradigms. In this context, computational biologists use heterogeneous legacy software. Little efforts have been made to approach this problem domain from a requirements engineering point of view. Legacy software and ongoing programming efforts occur with none or little analysis and design. Despite computational biologists often having access to a computer farm to perform calculations over biological datasets, little investment has been made on the development of state-of-the-art Application Programming Interfaces (API) and toolkits to perform those data transforms. The project will first focus on requirements gathering and analysis followed by the analysis and design of software that allows the transparent use of such computational farms.


Alejandra González Beltrán, Ben Tagger, and Anthony Finkelstein; 2010; Ontology-Based Queries Over Cancer Data; Proceedings of Semantic Web Applications and Tools for Life Sciences

Primary Supervisor: Anthony Finkelstein

Industry Sponsor: NIMR – National Institute for Medical Research

Biological database versioning