Dave di Ducca

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David di Duca's work investigates ideas relating to affordance, human-nonhuman interaction and cybernetics. He undertakes his research through building interactive test pieces.

When an illusionist or magician is performing a trick, they modify their performance based on the actions of the observer. Techniques such as ‘multiple outs’ enable the illusionist to tailor the situation they are designing, in reaction to the observer – in real time. The interactivity of the situation facilitates the imagination of the observer to influence the designing of the situation itself.

My research suggests that, as experience is a perceptual entity, experience cannot be designed. However, like magicians, designers are able to explore the individuality of observers’ spatial experiences through inferring both observer attributes and changes in attributes from simple observations. Contrary to most static objects and buildings, this is a situation which can modify the affordances it presents in response to real time observations of the character of the observer. I aim to develop spatial situations with similar qualities.


Primary Supervisor: Stephen Gage

Industry Sponsor: Jason Bruges Studio

Systems Interactions | Spatial Observation Monitoring


Tags: Cybernetics affordance human-nonhuman interaction