James Tompkin

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Awarded VEIV EngD

This project aims to explore the possibilities of video-based rendering to enable arbitrary camera viewpoints for applications such as sports matches. The research will attempt to improve the capture and reconstruction pipeline, involving wide-baseline calibration and acquisition, raw image processing, geometric reconstruction, texturing, relighting, animation and rendering. Specific attention will be paid to the reconstruction of human action. The goal of the project is realistic depiction in real-time.


Beste F Yuksel, Michael Donnerer, James Tompkin and Anthony Steed; 2010; A Novel Brain-Computer Interface Using A Multi-Touch Surface; CHI '10 Proceedings of the 28th international conference on Human factors in computing systems

George Roussos, Abel Maciel, James Tompkin and Jennifer G. Sheridan; 2009; DIY Design Process for Interactive Surfaces; Proceedings of 23rd Conference on Human Computer Interaction, pages 485-493, Cambridge, UK, 2009

Primary Supervisor: Jan Kautz

Industry Sponsor: BBC

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