Assessing The Geographic Dimensions Of London’s Innovative Networks


A wide range of authors have highlighted the potential benefits for innovation that may arise from effective networking between organisations along and across the supply-chain. As many organisations have downsized or out-sourced basic research activities Universities have an increasingly important role within such networks. A number of UK initiatives have been established to encourage greater 'entanglement' between academia and commerce; the London Technology Network is one example which is intended to encourage interactions between London's leading research institutes and innovation organisations.

Using the detailed data acquired by this network this development paper is intended to investigate the geographic distribution of these activities with the aim of establishing the extent to which location and/or distance play a significant role in participation in the network's activities.

Title: Assessing The Geographic Dimensions Of London’s Innovative Networks

Author: Patrick Weber
Author: Elena Besussi
Author: Dave Chapman

Publication: Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (UCL), UCL (University College London) | full text (PDF)

Year: 2005

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