Kazim Pal

Awarded VEIV EngD

Kazim's research deals with digitally restoring parchments with fire damage. The particular parchment book (the Great Parchment Book) is an extremely important document that fell victim to this very form of damage.

This project is planning to use computer vision and computer graphics techniques to develop a digital acquisition and reconstruction procedure that would help to make the parchment book accessible again. A particular goal is to devise an acquisition apparatus and method to digitally flatten the individual pages, exposing their content in a legible form.


Kazim Pal, et al., 2016, Digitally Reconstructing The Great Parchment Book: 3D recovery of fire-damaged historical documents, Literary and Linguistic Computing: the journal of digital scholarship in the humanities, pp. 1–31.

Kazim Pal, Christian Schüller, Daniele Panozzo, Olga Sorkine-Hornung, Tim Weyrich, 2014, Content-Aware Surface Parameterization for Interactive Restoration of Historical Documents, Computer Graphics Forum (Proc. Eurographics), 33(2), 9 pages, 

Kazim Pal, Melissa Terras, Tim Weyrich, 2013, 3D Reconstruction For Damaged Documents: Imaging of The Great Parchment Book, In Proc. of 2nd Intl. Workshop on Historical Document Imaging and Processing, pp. 14–21, Selected for oral presentation

Kazim Pal, et al., 2013, The Great Parchment Book, Digital Humanities 2013, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Poster presentation.

Kazim Pal, Melissa Terras, Tim Weyrich, 2013, Interactive Exploration and Flattening of Deformed Historical Documents, Computer Graphics Forum (Proc. Eurographics), 32(2), pp. 327–334.

Primary Supervisor: Melissa Terras

Industry Sponsor: London Metropolitan Archives

Enhanced Vision | Reconstruction of Damaged Documents


Tags: The Great Parchment Book