Prof Niloy Mitra


Niloy Mitra is a Professor of Geometry Processing in the Department of Computer Science, University College London (UCL). Niloy received his MS (2002) and PhD (Sept. 2006) in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University under the guidance of Prof. Leonidas Guibas and Prof. Marc Levoy, and was a postdoctoral scholar with Prof. Helmut Pottmann at Technical University Vienna.

Niloy's research primarily centers around algorithmic issues in shape analysis and geometry processing. He is also interested in applying the analysis findings (e.g., relations, constraints, etc.) towards next generation design tools including smart shape synthesis and fabrication-aware functional model design.

Niloy received the 2013 ACM Siggraph Significant New Researcher Award for "his outstanding work in discovery and use of structure and function in 3D objects" (UCL press release) and the BCS Roger Needham award (BCS press release) in 2015. He received the ERC Starting Grant on SmartGeometry in 2013.

Research: 3D geometry (e.g., point clouds, triangle soups, meshes) is now easy to acquire (e.g., using Microsoft Kinect), model (e.g., using Blender), or simply download from model repositories (e.g., Turbosquid, Trimble 3D Warehouse). Such low-level data, however, makes subsequent handling and processing difficult, and hinders efficient use of model collections. Hence, I focus on developing computational frameworks to extract high-level geometric abstractions from unorganized and heterogeneous 3D data.

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Title: Professor of Geometry Processing

Group: Virtual Environments and Computer Graphics and Smart Geometry Processing Group

Dept: Dept of Computer Science

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