Christos Sakellariou

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Awarded VEIV EngD

Natural systems provide unique examples of computation in a form very different from contemporary computer architectures. Biology also demonstrates capabilities such as adaptation, self-repair and self-organisation that are becoming increasingly desirable for our technology. To address these issues a new computer model and architecture with natural characteristics is presented in the literature. Systemic computation is designed to support biological algorithms such as neural networks, evolutionary algorithms and models of development, and shares the desirable capabilities of biology not found in conventional architectures.

The main goal of this project, which is under the supervision of Dr. Peter Bentley and in collaboration with Toumaz Technology Limited, is the investigation of suitable hardware implementations of a systemic computer, with features as fault tolerance and graceful degradation, which will produce substantial gains in biological modelling and bio-inspired algorithm efficiency. The proposed implementation platforms are wireless sensor nodes, FPGAs and graphics processors (GPUs).

Primary Supervisor: Peter J. Bentley

Industry Sponsor: Toumaz Technology Ltd

Hardware and Design | Systematic computation architecture

Tags: emergence neural networks evolutionary algorithms biomimetics computational architectures self-organisation systemic computation