An Evolutionary Approach To Microstructure Optimisation Of Stereolithographic Models

Authors: Mahdavi S Haroun and Sean. Hanna
Publication: Proceedings of CEC2003, the Congress on Evolutionary Computation Year: 2003

The aim of this work is to utilize an evolutionary algorithm to evolve the microstructure of an object created by a stereolithography machine. This should be optimised to be able to withstand loads applied to it while at the same time minimizing its overall weight. A two part algorithm is proposed which evolves the topology of the structure with a genetic algorithm, while calculating the details of the shape with a separate, deterministic, iterative process derived from standard principles of structural engineering. The division of the method into two separate processes allows both flexibility to changed design parameters without the need for reevolution, and scalability of the microstructure to manufacture objects of increasing size. The results show that a structure was evolved that was both light and stable. The overall shape of the evolved lattice resembled a honeycomb structure that also satisfied the restrictions imposed by the stereolithography machine.

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Tags: Sean Hanna genetic algorithm topology Mahdavi S. Haroun stereolithography flexibility