An Evolutionary Approach To Microstructure Optimisation Of Stereolithographic Models

The aim of this work is to utilize an evolutionary algorithm to evolve the microstructure of an object created by a stereolithography machine. This should be optimised to be able to withstand loads applied to it while at the same time minimizing its overall weight.

Authors: Mahdavi S Haroun and Sean. Hanna
Publication: Proceedings of CEC2003, the Congress on Evolutionary Computation Year: 2003

Topological Self-Organisation: Using A Particle-Spring System Simulation To Generate Structural Space-Filling Lattices

The problem being addressed relates to the filling of a certain volume with a structural space frame network lattice consisting of a given number of nodes. A method is proposed that comprises a generative algorithm including a physical dynamic simulation of particle-spring system. The algorithm is able to arrange nodes in space and establish connections among them through local rules of self-organisation, thus producing space frame topologies.

Author: Sean Hanna
Author: A Kanellos

Publication: Proceedings of the 26th eCAADe Education and Research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe 2008

Year: 2008