Chris Senanayake

Awarded VEIV EngD

This project is concerned with high precision machine-vision inspection systems for detecting foreign or defective bodies/objects on factory conveyor belts. Such systems are sensitive to various external factors such as lighting, dust build ups on the camera lens or slight changes in the colour of the inspected objects, etc. The project will develop new computer vision techniques for reducing sensitivity to such factors by tracking colour distributions over time. We intend to apply established methodologies such as Principal component analysis and model selection in our early studies.


C. R. Senanayake and D. C. Alexander; 2007; Colour Transfer By Feature Based Histogram Registration; Proceedings of the British Machine Vision Conference 2007. Malvern, UK: British Machine Vision Association

Chris R. Senanayake, Daniel C. Alexander and G.J. Parker; 2006; Mapping The Number of Fibre Orientations per Voxel in Diffusion MRI; ISMRM 14th Scientific Meeting and Exhibition

Primary Supervisor: Daniel Alexander

Industry Sponsor: Sortex

Computer vision