Gwyneth Bradbury


The aim of my project is to give game design artists better 3D references and scene reconstructions which can be directly fed into the creative pipeline. This is motivated by the increasing public demand for detailed, complex 3D worlds and the resulting demand this places on game design artists.

The project looks at developing acquisition and modelling technologies that provide more than just a visual reference: visual acquisition and reconstruction methods shall be developed that provide richer, three-dimensional references, and that ultimately yield scene reconstructions that can be used directly by artists. The project will focus on natural environments (as opposed to urban scenes) and may combine multi-spectral imaging, wide-baseline stereo reconstruction and semantic scene analysis to obtain approximate procedural representations of natural scenes.


Samuel Wilkinson, Gwyneth Bradbury, Sean Hanna; 2015; Reduced-order urban wind interference; Simulation, Volume: 91 issue: 9, page(s): 809-824

Primary Supervisor: Tim Weyrich

Industry Sponsor: Disney Interactive

3D References for Scene Contructions


Tags: Machine Learning parametrics computer vision machine vision video games